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St. Onge Company Sponsors Patient Flow Study


St. Onge Company sponsored a fascinating new patient flow study with John Hopkins University. Patients were tracked to collect data and identify bottlenecks in the patient experience, and a quality improvement initiative was launched to decrease wait times and add value. We're excited to be on the forefront of patient flow analysis, and to watch as its implications continue to improve efficiency!

We implemented a real-time location system (RTLS) in our academic breast-imaging department to study workflow, including measuring patient wait time, quantifying equipment utilization, and identifying bottlenecks. Then, using discrete event simulation (DES), we modeled solutions with changes in staffing and equipment. Nine hundred and ninety-nine patient encounters were tracked over a 10-week period. The RTLS system recorded 551,512 raw staff and patient time stamps, which were analyzed to produce 17,042 staff and/or patient encounter time stamps. Mean patient wait time was 27 min.
Click here to read the study on the SpringerLink site!