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Bryan Jensen Published in Supply Chain Opz


St. Onge Company's Bryan Jensen was asked what supply chain technologies he's paying attention to in order to stay ahead of the game. Supply Chain Opz published his response in their article "Experts Unfold Top Supply Chain Technology to Watch."

"Game changing technologies in the supply run from the immediate, to the near-term, to the futuristic, but there are some clear examples in each.

In the immediate term, predictive analytics drive a distinct competitive advantage to those few who are already leveraging it to its full potential. Whether the data is big or small, companies that use detailed historical data analytics to aid in predicting their future requirements and challenges at the very least are heeding Santayana's warning about not learning from their past. In the near-term, hosted software and cloud computing are making sophisticated warehouse, transportation and labor management systems accessible to organizations that could never support the significant capital investment required to discretely license the same software.

Finally, in the distant future, there are more potential game-changers, from more vertically integrated supply chains (think Amazon delivery network taking your order and delivering your package themselves, no UPS or FedEx necessary) to automated delivery vehicles (think Google cars) rolling up to your door and allow you to enter your PIN number and have your package automatically presented to you."

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