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Don Derewecki Quoted in Logistics Management


St. Onge Company's Don Derewecki was recently quoted for an article concerning inventory management by Logistics Management. The article, entitled "Warehouse/DC Management: Six best practices for better inventory management," asks top consultants in the industry how to better manage inventory in modern environments.

Throughout the article, Don notes that technology can provide a high-level forecast, but it must be analyzed to provide useful information at the DC level. He also states the importance of management commitment and employee training when integrating DC policies.

"The rise of omni-channel fulfillment makes inventory management more complex, which elevates the need for better systems for execution, forecast collaboration, and management reporting, including warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), as well as demand management and cross-disciplinary collaboration, says Don Derewecki, a senior consultant with supply chain advisory firm St. Onge Company.

“The ultimate goal of inventory management is to optimize supply chain practices to minimize costs without jeopardizing service to customers,” says Derewecki. “Attaining these goals centers around increasing the availability of useful information, as well as other important elements such as obtaining commitment from top management, training, and developing effective cross-functional teams.”

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