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John Hill Quoted in Logistics Management Magazine


St. Onge Company's John Hill was recently quoted in a Logistics Management Magazine article entitled "WMS Update: What do we need to run a WMS?" The article discusses the history of automated DC operations, and the differences between WMS, WES and WCS solutions. It goes on to explore the future of DC and warehouse management, especially in the modern world with an increasingly large demand for e-commerce.

“To say that the market is confused right now would be an understatement,” says John Hill, a consultant with the St. Onge Company and a long-time warehouse management expert. During his question and answer sessions at Modex, he said that shippers wanted advice on whether they needed a warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS), warehouse execution system (WES), or some combination of all three.

Giving definitive answers to these questions without knowing more about the specific, physical warehouse or distribution center (DC) setup can be a crapshoot, according to Hill. “When you don’t see the operations environment, or when you can’t characterize or profile its specific requirements and pain points, then it’s difficult to make an informed assessment of whether a WCS, WES, WMS, or some hybrid approach is best for someone’s particular requirements.”

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