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John Hill Quoted in Modern Materials Handling


St. Onge Company's John Hill was recently quoted in a Modern Materials Handling article entitled "2016 Software User Survey: Sales are looking 'Slightly Questionable.'" The article discusses the results of a recent usage study by Peerless Research Group concerning the functionality of specific software platforms.

John Hill, a veteran warehousing expert and consultant at St. Onge Co., said these responses prove the need for better education on WMS, WCS and WES and the role that each plays in the warehouse or DC. “I think the market is confused,” says Hill. “I can make four phone calls right now and ask, ‘What’s a WES?’ and I can guarantee that I will get four different answers. The industry has an obligation to help clear this up—primarily on the supplier side, but also on the side of the market pundits who keep track of what’s going in the marketplace.”
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