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Derrick Bransby Published in Healthcare Purchasing News


St. Onge Company's Derrick Bransby recently published an article in Healthcare Publishing News outlining strategies for planning and implementing surgical case cart systems. In his article, "The Case Cart Conundrum," Derrick describes how value stream mapping, size planning, and proper discrete event simulation modeling help design an effective case cart system.

"A number of mathematical approaches - some simple, some complex - can be used to estimate the number of case carts required to serve a surgical platform. Simple calculations based on cases per day and carts per case can be used to quickly "bracket" the size of a case cart fleet. For instance, maximum fleet size can be estimated by assuming that every case will require its own case cart (i.e., no turn over; a case cart cannot be used more than once per day). In other words, the maximum fleet size is equal to the average number of daily cases."

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