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Norm Saenz Published in PARCEL


St. Onge Company's Norm Saenz recently published an article in PARCEL magazine concerning what factors make a small order operation successful. In his article, "Fulfilling Tiny Orders and Handling the Increase in SKUs," Norm outlines best practices for dealing with a high number of SKUs, whether it be adding on to an existing operation or starting a new space.

"If e-commerce sales continue to grow at 15% per year and the multi-channel trend continues, the tiny order phenomenon will continue to be an operational challenge. In a highly competitive market, shippers that get their tiny order operations running efficiently are going to earn the larger market shares. There is not one answer for everyone, but many of the considerations outlined are being used by companies being forced (or are choosing) to ride the wave of change within the e-commerce/multi-channel space."

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