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Norm Saenz and Don Derewecki Quoted in Modern Materials Handling


Peerless Research Group recently conducted their Annual Warehouse and Distribution Center Equipment Survey. For an article entitled "Investment up as service pressures rise," Modern Materials Handling asked St. Onge Company's Norm Saenz and Don Derewecki what they thought of the results. Both Norm and Don agreed that the survey shows e-commerce continuing to rise, and they discuss the implications of this trend in the article.

“It makes sense that more people are looking at software, controls and the technology side of investments because it’s become pretty important to be able to separate and manage e-commerce orders and handle them efficiently in the building,” says Saenz. “It takes more than throwing up some new rack to deal with these pressures.”
“Brick and mortar retail fulfillment isn’t going to go away,” [Derewecki] says. “In fact, it will continue to be a major requirement. However, the evolving requirements around e-commerce are going to be based on speed. You see this speed factor reflected in increasing investment in technology solutions, as well as the types of issues and pressures respondents see as important.”

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