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Norm Saenz Quoted in Logistics Management


St. Onge Company's Norm Saenz was recently quoted in an article for Logistics Management. The article, entitled "Is Your Tractor Trailer Yard a Black Hole?," discusses the potential of yard management systems to increase the efficiency of shipping. Bridget McCrea, a contributing editor for Logistics Management, explores how innovations such as autonomous drones and RFID tags could create the yard of the future.

For the most part, Saenz says that most of the clients he’s been working with lately are more focused on the activities taking place within the four walls of their warehouses—and less concerned about what’s going on out in the yard, hence the “black hole” nickname. “Most companies don’t think about YMS as a top priority,” he says. “In fact, at this point, we’re seeing much less focus on yard management versus adopting WMS to manage the movement of people and materials within the building itself.”

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