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Blue Diamond Reevaluates Its Supply Chain With St. Onge Company


Supply Chan Brain recently published an article summarizing St. Onge Company's successful work with Blue Diamond Growers. When the Sacramento, California-based cooperative wanted to double their production capacity, they looked to St. Onge Company to design and implement a supply chain robust and efficient enough to take handle the increased output. St. Onge Company's Craig Vorse and Bryan Jensen discuss the project's process and success.

Typically, St. Onge likes to work with at least a year’s worth of detailed data, and preferably two, says chairman and chief executive officer Bryan Jensen. Its network study will drill down to shipment types, product streams and all related operating costs. It also scrutinizes inventory at rest, looking for opportunities to consolidate facilities without compromising service levels or negatively impacting the cost of funds, he says.
St. Onge works with many companies that had previously not focused strongly on their supply-chain organizations, says Vorse. In this case, he sees the firm’s accomplishment as having provided Blue Diamond with “a fresh look with outside eyes.”

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