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Norm Saenz Quoted in Logistics Management


Bridget McCrea, a Contributing Editor for Logistics Management, recently reached out to top industry experts for an article entitled "6 Ways to Improve Your Inventory Management Right Now." She asked St. Onge Company's Norm Saenz for his thoughts on best practices and technologies to increase productivity in warehouses and DCs. They discussed the role that Enterprise Resource Management software and GPS technologies have in inventory management.

“Inventory management doesn’t have to be overly complicated,” says Norm Saenz, managing director at the supply chain consulting firm St. Onge Co. In many cases, for example, it can be as simple as having an inventory management system that incorporates bar-coding and, in turn, enables real-time visibility of inventory.
“You can get this without having to invest too much money,” says Saenz. “In fact, most legacy software packages and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems incorporate some level of inventory management. It’s not like you need a Tier One system to get good inventory management systems and support.”
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