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Tom Redding Published in Becker's Hospital Review


A 2017 survey conducted by Cardinal Health reported that supply chain is the second largest healthcare expense after employee salaries and benefits. It also revealed that healthcare employees spend 20 percent of their workweek on supply chain management. In light of this, St. Onge Company's Tom Redding recommends a Supply Chain Assessment to improve the operations of your healthcare system. He outlines the four main steps to completing a Supply Chain Assessment, including system, campus, facility and diagnostic assessments.

According to the Cardinal Health survey, 85 percent of the respondents indicated their healthcare systems are currently working toward ways to improve their supply chain expenses and inefficiencies—you are not alone. Due diligence, a data-driven assessment approach, and detailed engineering and planning based on the results of the evaluation can ensure a more effective supply chain strategy. If resources are limited, leveraging the knowledge of supply chain consultants with current, relevant, and groundbreaking experience in the dynamic healthcare industry may be the key to your system’s success. The time is now to turn the statistics in your favor.

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