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Aimee Watson Published in Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology


Aimee Watson, now a member of St. Onge Company, was published in an article for the Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology journal. In the article, entitled "Proactive Vendor Management for Healthcare Technology," she and Samantha Jacques discuss best practices for managing vendor relationships, specifically in the Biomedical Engineering and Information Technology fields. They advise creating a specific contract and scope of work, outlining expectations and requirements. They also recommend a vendor scorecard for each scope of work, outlining timelines, deliverables, response time, customer service, and anything else related to your specific project.

Vendor management requires a proactive approach to setting expectations, roles, and responsibilities between your organization and the vendor organization. Clear vendor deliverables, scorecards, and regular meetings help keep lines of communication open and minimize surprises at the end of projects or contracts. Although vendor management does take time and effort, the result of the work ensures that you and your organization will be successful in partnering with your vendors to ensure work is completed as expected.

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