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Automation & Robotics Lead Robust Outlook in 2018


An annual survey performed by Logistics Management reveals a promising chance for automation technologies to take hold of the distribution market in 2018. The survey reports a "growing interest in the use of relatively new types of technology, including robotics, drones, and smart glasses". 

The survey does a detailed job of analyzing current practices for manufacturing, warehousing, and standalone DC facilities. It notes current trends in utilization, labor availability,  as well as a two year prospect of how the market would look if it continues within the same capacity, as well as compensating for future growth.

Don Derewecki and Norm Saenz give their professional comments on the survey, and both note St. Onge's positive affirmations of the growing technologies, and their use, in the current distribution economy.

Click here to read the full survey conducted by Logistics Management!