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Sean O'Neill and Tom Redding Quoted in Healthcare Purchasing News


Healthcare Purchasing News recently published an article describing how technology is influencing healthcare supply chain operations. Rick Dana Barlow, a Senior Editor for Healthcare Purchasing News, consulted top experts for their opinions on which concepts and ideas will shape the future of the industry, including St. Onge Company's Sean O'Neill and Tom Redding. The article, entitled "Future-ready Supply Chains may no longer be Mission: Impossible," describes how technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, Internet of Things, robotics, virtual reality and mobile apps are becoming tools to improve the healthcare industry.

“We believe that continual cost pressures will drive the need for system consolidation and leveraging scale,” said Sean O’Neill, Executive Vice President, St. Onge Co. “This will be achieved through the use of Centers of Excellence that perform medical/surgical [supply] distribution functions and process intense capabilities (e.g., Central Sterile, Pharmacy, Central Laboratories and others). With scale, the operations can leverage mature and proven processes, software and technologies, as well as newly developed technologies from other industries.”

Adhering to universal data standards for products and services will be a linchpin to driving success, according to Tom Redding, Managing Director, Healthcare Services, St. Onge Co., something other industries have recognized for some time.

“Other industries (e.g., retail and automotive) are way ahead of healthcare in terms of implementing data standards for product identification, unit of measure, etc.,” Redding said. “This information is essential to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare supply chains.”

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