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Norm Saenz Quoted in Logistics Management


Technology continues to change the supply chain industry as e-commerce and omni-channel distribution take over. As a result, proper inventory management is more important than ever. Bridget McCrea, an editor for Logistics Management, interviewed top industry experts for their opinions concerning the evolution of inventory management, including St. Onge Company's Norm Saenz. Her article, entitled "Inventory Management 101: Time to step up to the plate," discusses the challenges faced by today's inventory management systems.

“We’re seeing a push for real-time information and inventory visibility, both of which are being pushed by the growth in e-commerce,” says Saenz. “Companies want more efficient ways to serve their e-commerce customers which, from the retail perspective, means gaining better visibility over store inventory across the entire network.” From there, companies must use that inventory to efficiently allocate orders at the store level, and all within a very compressed time frame that’s getting shorter and shorter every year.
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