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John Hill Gives American Machinist Webinar


Today’s manufacturer is driven at a new pace to innovate and respond to customer needs for product and process change. Not changing however, is the unfailing demand for the best quality, lower prices and streamlined delivery. To meet this new pace, your customer wants something a little more – revealing. They want access to information about their parts, orders, shipments, product documentation, account status, and even deeper access to your business data, such as quality or production status.

Is your business prepared to address these new demands for information transparency? If your answer is not unequivocally “Yes,” you are not alone. There are a number of considerations that organizations should consider when architecting their operations to provide improved customer access. Come to this session:

  • Leverage data in your business to improve the closeness of key customer relationships
  • To understand the trends in access to information and how it impacts 3 and 5 year planning
  • Meet the specifics that typical supply chain partners are looking for when asking about sharing data directly
  • Comply with industry standards for data sharing to lower the cost of implementation and ongoing maintenance
  • Learn new ways that your data can be leveraged in your supply chain to improve customer service and meet new standards of agility
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John Hill is a Director with St. Onge Company headquartered out of the San Francisco Bay Area.