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Don Derewecki Quoted in Modern Materials Handling


Modern Materials Handling magazine quoted St. Onge Company's Don Derewecki in a recent article about carousel technology.

"With the right product line, order profile and application, carousels should be considered as part of the solution in a blended system,” says Don Derewecki, a senior consultant with St. Onge Company.

Historically, the right application has been maintenance parts to support a production line; spare and service parts distribution; kitting; and put-to-light or pick-to-light order fulfillment in some retail applications. For instance, carousels have been effectively used to consolidate picking of slow-moving parts. Because they can be enclosed, carousels are a good choice in high-security applications. They can also be independently climate controlled for product that is sensitive to temperatures or humidity. Most importantly, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a component of a broader system.

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