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Bryan Jensen Talks Supply Chain Expertise on DC Mag Podcast


St. Onge Company's Bryan Jensen was recently featured on Distribution Center Magazine's Counter Talk Radio. He sat down with Tom Peric, the editor of Distribution Center Magazine, to discuss what companies of all sizes and industries should look for when seeking an expert supply chain consultant. They talked about the process that St. Onge Company and other supply chain consultants undergo to devise a client-specific solution, as well as the perspective of the client seeking consultation.

"We very rarely will prepare a proposal with a scope of work and a prospective fee without seeing the operation and sitting down to understand what really matters to the client. First you have to listen to what their project is all about. Nothing is better informing of that conversation than a tour of the facility or site that they want you to focus your efforts on. The client should be able to get very functional, reassuring, and in some cases actionable feedback even off a high level walkthrough, if the right resources attend that. And we're not talking about a salesman. At St. Onge Company, we don't have any salesmen, per se. It's former engineers who have moved to account managers and senior project managers and directors who are going out onsite, evaluating what the client needs, and then developing the scope with the client so the proposal is precisely what the client needs. It's the right size, the right focus, and the right level of effort to solve the issue at hand."

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