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Bryan Jensen Interviewed by Supply Chain 24/7


St. Onge Company's Bryan Jensen was recently interviewed by Supply Chain 24/7 for an article about omni-channel fulfillment and its effect on the evolution of distribution centers. He spoke with Josh Bond, a news editor at Supply Chain 24/7, on a variety of topics, including in-store fulfillment, the "push" versus "pull" models of inventory strategy, the importance of hub stores, and the cost of excess inventory.

Jensen says that no one should make a habit of transferring inventory between fulfillment locations. “Basing store deliveries on POS data and ensuring replenishment rises to meet that is obviously better than loading up an eastern location with something that doesn’t end up selling and needs to move west,” he says. “The cost of inventory is not a cost; the cost is in excess inventory. Once you understand the penalty of excess inventory, that’s where you can use that money differently by investing in solutions to move and position inventory economically.”

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