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Bryan Jensen Discusses E-com’s ‘Ripple’ Effect on Distribution Center Magazine Podcast


Tom Peric, editor of Distribution Center Magazine, recently interviewed St. Onge Company's Bryan Jensen for the Counter Talk Radio podcast. They discussed several topics, including the impacts of e-commerce on industrial real estate and retail selling space, the future of consumer demand, and how automation and technology can change the trajectory of the supply chain industry.

"Because of the intense labor required to assemble an e-commerce order, more and more industrially-disposed labor is moving into the e-commerce area. So much so that it's creating labor shortages that are driving technology development, or simply driving money towards buying material handling equipment technology, which of course causes better, smarter, more productive devices to show up at a lower cost point. So anyone who might be able to use material handling mechanization or automation should be able to garner a greater selection of more effective devices at a lower cost as the net effect of e-commerce ripples through the entire industry."

Click here to listen to the podcast on the Distribution Center Magazine website!