3PL Selection & Advisory

Through our work in providing operational cost analysis for 3PL service providers and evaluating third-party logistics service offerings, we have developed benchmarks of what 3PL services should cost our clients. Our 3PL Selection Services significantly enhance your organization's ability to decide if 3PL services are right for you and, if so, successfully transition warehousing and distribution functions to a third-party logistics provider.

Areas Addressed

  • Internal costs and possible improvements
  • 3PL cost analysis & projections
  • 3PL candidates for required services
  • 3PL Systems (WMS, TMS, YMS)
  • Enterprise connectivity requirements
  • Risk analysis based on the particulars of your operation
  • Implementation risks

3PL Advisory Services

  • 3PL RFI (Request for Information) execution
  • 3PL evaluation
  • Outsourcing risk/benefit assessment
  • Understanding the keys to managing 3PL relationships
  • 3PL service cost evaluation