Manufacturing Design

St. Onge Company provides a complete range of business consulting, engineering and related services to support developing global manufacturing strategy and related operations. Our manufacturing facility design expertise utilize six sigma lean manufacturing processes and will deliver operations improvements and cost reductions to your new or existing facility.


Our manufacturing facility design services include:
  • Strategic sourcing initiatives
  • Facility design for new manufacturing plants
  • Plant expansions/consolidations
  • Operations improvement leveraging lean manufacturing six sigma processes
  • Packaging line optimization
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Material handling management
  • Systems support
  • Project management

Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is based on a just-in-time (JIT) material delivery concept and is focused on eliminating waste-producing activities throughout the manufacturing process. Lean six sigma combines the lean and quality processes that create an environment that reduces cost, inventory and lead time. The key is leveraging the speed of lean with the process control of six sigma quality.