Use animation to captivate an audience, explain complex topics, and leave a lasting impression for management presentations, operators, clients, or prospects.

Service Offering

St. Onge's animation service capabilities continue to grow with every project, offering more opportunities for you to leverage distinctive animated content in the application of multimedia. We combine sophisticated multimedia with our our Supply Chain Engineering expertise to create and deliver powerful interactive audio/visual programs to aid in the communication of design concepts and ideas.


We’ve been applying our animation services to a wide range of projects since 1990.  From storyboarding through postproduction, we work with you to realize your vision and your business goals. The result is stunning animations in your choice of video formats, ready for use on a DVD, web site or PowerPoint presentation.


We utilize animation in support of our engineering services as well as a stand-alone service offering. Although we can use video to supplement our animations, animation has several advantages over conventional video. With animation you have the ability to view a scene from impractical camera angles, always with perfect lighting. Distracting ambient or background noise is no longer a problem. The ability to 'freeze' or speed-up time, and see inside or through obstacles to view the inner workings of various equipment is invaluable. If you need to communicate an idea or concept, we can help.


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"These animations have been the centerpiece in our presentations to prospective customers and investors. By providing the viewer a complete visualization of the system, the animations create confidence in its' feasibility, proving the old saying that 'seeing is believing'. Even though T3V is a very unconventional design approach, no one who has seen the animations have had any real doubts that the system can work. Your team does outstanding work in this area, and it has been a great pleasure working with them."

John Lert, Alert Innovation