CAD Modeling

Computer graphics are a part of everyday life. All of our designs are created in 3D CAD models to provide a higher degree of realism at less cost and quicker overall turn around time.
We use a combination of off-the-shelf hardware and software in combination with are own proprietary processes and software to engineer designs in a way that creates lightweight, yet photorealistic computer 3D models uniquely suited to interactive training, simulation, visualization, and similar applications.

If you are looking for a way to increase your production bandwidth and lower the associated costs, we can help.


By populating a graphical design database and utilizing proprietary software, our designers can quickly and accurately create intelligent 2D and 3D CAD models. This allows design concepts to be 'viewed'  everything from static "flow descriptive" pictures to virtual tours of a proposed site, facility, process or operation. Engineering data can also be included in our CAD models, aiding in the development of itemized equipment lists and associated costs. This information is vital for concept validation, and capital appropriation efforts.

"The quality of the work, from simple line drawings to detailed assembly views to the ultimate configuration of total 3D rendering, is impeccable. We will add that in several projects, it made the difference in both the customer's understanding of the design as well as their making a commitment to proceed. We shall not hesitate to call on and work with St. Onge Company as our partners in progress and service to our customer base."

Joe Veltre, Director of Systems Integration
J&J Material Handling Systems