Customized Job Training

Studies show that the performance level of employees is impacted most by performance measures and job training. Organizations that make the investment in robust and continuous job training benefit greatly in the form of sustained high levels of performance, employee retention and a level of predictability within their supply chain that other organizations envy.

Operations Manuals

Comprehensive operations manuals serve a number of functions in any operation. First, as a training aid, operations manuals offer detailed step-by-step documentation of the overall operating process, equipment and information systems applications, job functions, safety and performance expectations. Second, operations manuals serve as the dictionary and encyclopedia for any operation. Knowledge of the operation which resides solely in the memory of the associates can quickly be lost as resources and leadership change.

Computer-Generated Animations

Computer-animation technology is the most powerful method available to visually depict standard operating procedures (SOPs). We use and continue to improve animation technology to depict material flow patterns, work process standards, safety procedures, material handling and information technology applications, and principles such as quality standards. Narration is also applied to this process for a combination of audio and visual communication. Still frames from the instructional can also serve to illustrate the companion operations manuals.

"I am a believer that the animation tool, as part of an overall best-in-class training strategy, allowed the MWDC to achieve steady state in half of the time of the Hershey EDC III, SECD, and SoCal projects. The rapid start-up took $1 million out of the implementation period ramp-up budget. We were even able to get help from the state's training grants to pay for a portion of the costs."

Chris Malone,
Director, Distribution & International Logistics
The Hershey Company