Operations Planning & Management

Our Operations Planning and Management services provide an organization with the ability to not only achieve desired levels of performance, but ensures that the desired performance is sustainable over time.

Work Sampling and Time Standards

Maximizing the use of existing assets (space, equipment and people) is a critical element to improving operational processes. Our work sampling and time standards methodology define the quantity and causes of inefficient work processes.

Work Processes and Standard Operating Procedures

In order for assets to be utilized to their fullest potential, all barriers resulting in inefficiency must be eliminated. St. Onge engineers can develop the information flow, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and work instructions to create bridges to success.

Staffing and Asset Utilization

St. Onge will assist you in calculating the optimal staffing and asset requirements to provide the lowest possible cost. Having the correct number, type and hours of labor to successfully meet variable customer demand is paramount to achieving the highest possible performance for the lowest cost.

Key Service Offerings

  • Two-Day Operations Assessments
  • Work Sampling and Time Standards
  • Work Process Definition
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Management
  • Key Performance Indictators (KPIs)
  • Staffing Calculations