Simulation Modeling

An integral part of many St. Onge projects, simulation modeling can provides decision support throughout various aspects of the design development process. St Onge offers different levels of simulation to best fit your needs.

Strategic Level Simulations

Strategic level simulation models are developed to model alternative material flows, as well as flow concepts within specific distribution and manufacturing facilities. Simulation is utilized to test and validate alternative facility designs and operational methods.

Tactical Level Simulations

Tactical level simulation models are developed to assist in the decision making process of how to best utilize assets within specific distribution facilities on a day-to-day basis. Applications at this level typically assume fixed resources (facility, equipment and space) exist, while the variable resources required (operating methods, functional location of stored products and personnel) are quantified.

Operational Level Simulations

Operational level simulation models are developed to schedule and manage all distribution facility resources in real-time. Applications at this level plan and control operating events, resources and support decisions required to effectively operate a defined process.

"The simulation video that St. Onge created allowed me to explain the concepts behind a complex material handling system to a wide variety of audiences. The dynamic viewpoint allowed commentary on differnet perspectives ranging from a static birdseye view to a dynamic tour that 'walked' the viewer through the system from beginning to end. The ability to integrate the file into PowerPoint allowed me to share the simulation at all levels of the company and tailor the presentation to specific audiences. If a picture is a thousand words, video is worth a million."

Brian Freese, Facilities Design & Development Manager