Excellence Criteria & Framework

Leveraging ORI’s comprehensive set of Excellence Criteria, the current state of a company’s processes are assessed and compared to best-in-class performance.


  • The excellence criteria are grouped into five major Pillars (structural processes): Manage, Innovate, Generate Demand, Satisfy Demand, and Analyze Results. The Criteria are further grouped by Work Processes, Capabilities (human & technical), and Measures & Results.
  • Greater than 2000 criteria questions are used to drive the necessary breadth and depth of the process assessment across the five major pillars.
  • Utilizing a multi-day workshop, we help clients understand current state and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • An objective “standard of performance” scoring system is utilized to gain alignment across the client team.


  • Clearly identifies and quantifies the gap between current state and excellence.
  • Based on the objective assessment, an implementation plan can be built to close the agreed upon gaps.

St. Onge Company can support you as much or as little as required on the journey to excellence.

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