Excellence Suite

The ORI Dashboard is an analytical dashboard that is secure, comprehensive, and enterprise ready. The Dashboard provides clients the ability to conduct detailed analysis in five primary measurement areas: demand, production, inventory, capacity, and customer service.


  • Integrates and automatically captures source data from existing enterprise systems and data warehouses (including: JDA, Oracle, SAP, and other applications).
  • Supports hundreds of millions of transactional record, providing a nonintrusive data store with minimal impact on network and data warehouse resources.
  • Enables strategy and planning teams to easily visualize, analyze, identify and monitor the key performance indicators.
  • Enables the user to quickly see the financial impact of actuals versus a forecast or plan. Identifies and quantifies the “Gaps”.
  • “Gap to Plan” scorecard provides views of demand, inventory and production to visualize gaps or overages. Using robust analysis filters, users can quickly drill down to perform brand, item, location, and/or size specific analysis.
  • Enables teams to do “what-if” planning and analysis.
  • Performs statistical calculations such as MPE, MAPE, RSPE, MAD, AVG, SUM, etc.
  • Calculates tracking signals/ error indicators to identify outliers by family, brand, item, production line, etc to facilitate management by exception.

More functionality is available. Please contact us to schedule a demo of the Dashboard.

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