Sales and Operations Planning Consulting Services

St. Onge approaches S&OP in a holistic manner, which addresses broader root-cause issues, via network and inventory optimization, SKU rationalization, and manufacturing and distribution facility design and operations planning. By improving both supply chain and facility capacity and responsiveness, St. Onge can enable further improvements within the S&OP process, which allows clients to realize ongoing benefits above and beyond those offered by traditional S&OP implementations.

Service Offerings

  • Assessment: Using established excellence criteria and methodology, St Onge can help a company clearly identify and quantify the gap between current state and excellence.
  • Education: Education can be tailored to meet each client’s needs.
  • Dashboard: Through our partnership with Operational Results, clients can implement a SaaS based Dashboard. The Dashboard is secure, comprehensive, and enterprise ready. The Dashboard enables clients to conduct detailed analysis and visualization in five primary measurement areas: demand, production, inventory, capacity, and customer service.
  • Consulting Services: We guide and assist clients through the implementation of the “To Be” state identified during the assessment, as well as address broader root-cause issues identified during the S&OP process.