Supply Chain Consulting Built on Strong Engineering

At St. Onge, we offer supply chain engineering services that include logistics consulting and operations design services. We guide our clients in choosing the best course for their business, as well as designing the operational processes, equipment, and systems required to enable them to pursue those courses.

Recommendations Begin with Listening

Our engineers bring to each assignment a dedication to learning the intricacies of your business objectives and operations. This, coupled with a belief in the power of creative thinking and years of experience across many manufacturing enterprises and distribution channels, makes St. Onge a knowledgeable partner with experience across varied industries and continents.

Solutions Customized To Your Needs

Our engineers are more than just logistics consultants to our clients; they are advocates. By determining a client’s individual needs, our engineers can formulate supply chain strategies or designs that make effective use of St. Onge’s service offerings. Each solution that is developed is as unique as the client for which it’s made.Whether your supply chain is large or small, our engineering services can be tailored to maximize efficiency and achieve results.


Our range of services includes:
  • Strategy: Align business goals and supply chain strategy
  • Logistics: Location, mission and sizing of facilities and ownership vs. outsource analysis
  • Assessments and Optimizations: Assessments are an evaluation of the alignment of operations to demand and Optimizations are low or no capital improvements
  • Master Planning: Planning and engineering of manufacturing or distribution center, facility, operations and site
  • Procurement: Detailed design, procurement scope of work, specifications and documentation, qualification of vendors and contract award
  • Implementation: Project management, technical oversight, employee recruiting, training and commissioning of the distribution center
  • Audits and Monitoring: Assess expected goals against current performance