Supply Chain Strategy

St. Onge provides a broad range of supply chain consulting services. Our distribution network strategy services are among the strongest in the market. Additionally, we are unique in our ability to provide leading edge finished goods inventory optimization and deployment strategies that result in increased efficiencies and planning process improvement.

Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) model

With regard to broader supply chain strategy development and initiatives evaluation, we have adopted the Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) model. SCOR provides an industry-standard method to map and analyze locations, business processes and organizations.  We also provide regional supply chain assessments which identify the supply chain merits of a given geography, industrial park, or property.

Facility Design and Operations Experience

All of our engineering logistics services are underpinned and enhanced by our extensive facility design and operations experience. As a result of both internal initiatives and international partnerships, we continue to strengthen our global supply chain optimization service offerings and have provided consulting services on five continents.