Logistics Network Optimization

Logistics network strategy development evaluates both quantitative and qualitative considerations in determining the appropriate number, location, and mission of manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Service Offerings 

The quantitative aspects of the strategy are addressed through the use of leading edge network optimization software. This software allows us to offer network optimization services such as:
  • Sourcing strategy development
  • Manufacturing plant location and production line configuration
  • Distribution center location, product mix, and service territory definition
  • Multi-echelon (plant, DC, cross dock, pool point, and/or depot) distribution network optimization
  • Merger, acquisition, and cross-divisional network strategy development
  • International and emerging market network strategy development


There are varied valuable benefits that St. Onge's clients garner after optimizing their manufacturing or distribution networks. Each is designed to further enhance their quality of business. These benefits can include:
  • Supply chain cost reduction including transportation, facility, and/or inventory carry cost savings opportunities
  • Customer service improvement relative to lead times and/or fill rates
  • Ability to quickly test alternative operating scenarios and sensitivities
  • Means to repeatedly evaluate the impact of ongoing business change
  • Facilitation of inter-departmental discussions and the break down of silos