Warehousing & Distribution Center Design

Whether you’re a million square foot distribution center for a Fortune 500 client or a 20,000 square foot warehouse for a family owned business, our proven phased approach to facility design allows us to work with you to develop a superior long-term solution to your supply chain management, often yielding savings or cost avoidance many times the cost of our engineering consulting.

Driven Collaboration Yields Superior Facility Design

St. Onge's distribution facility design services can be tailored to support the development of a new facility or retrofit of an existing facility, consolidation or the optimization of material handling and operating strategies within an existing center. Our supply chain engineers, alongside the client's team, bring a combination of data driven engineering solutions, operations knowledge and breakthrough thinking capability.

Phased Approach

  • Master Planning - Our initial design phase is intended to generate, evaluate, and financially justify an optimized solution from a full range of alternative solutions ranging from conventional to fully automated systems.
  • Procurement - Upon capital appropriation, we develop the functional systems design documentation and information system specifications.
  • Implementation Management - Coordination of implementation efforts and appropriate acceptance testing are critical to a successful project's completion.