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Today’s electronics supply and manufacturing industry is evolving at warp speed. Companies across the electronic, electrotechnics and high-tech space are facing increasing pressures in an expanding global market that continues to grow in complexity. Data and analytics to inform supply chain visibility are key, and digital transformation to capture the right information across the total supply chain network is an effort that cannot be ignored.

At St. Onge, we bring specific expertise in electronics manufacturing and supply, coupled with world-class experience optimizing supply chains for partners around the world. We focus on an engineering approach that leverages data, analytics and simulation technology to create measurable improvements across increasingly complex infrastructures.  We help component manufacturers, consumer electronics makers, industrial component manufacturers, distributors, retails and eCommerce partners across the space balance the volatility of today’s market with future business goals, creating and implementing strategies to address:

Complex integration across expansive supply chains coupled with overall high value products and a market flooded with ever-changing regulations and tariffs means it’s critical to have a partner on your side who understands your individual market and business demands.

At St. Onge, we offer an independent, consultative approach from concept to performance, aligning business strategy with supply chain initiatives, processes and technology to drive operational excellence. We work across the supply chain infrastructure, breaking down departmental silos to address the areas that deliver the highest return.

Digital transformation is changing the face of today’s electronics and high-tech supply chains. St. Onge is at the forefront, helping companies balance evolution across their technology, infrastructure and processes to capture, track, measure and leverage the right data to make the best decisions. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve impacted the industry and get in touch to speak directly with a member of the team.

Learn how St. Onge is helping electronics partners harness technology across the supply chain infrastructure.